Photo Credit: Rodney Rogers

About Kate

Kate Colin is an artist currently working in Denton, TX. Her studio practice consists of 2D work that interprets expansive hypothetical spaces, inspired by mathematical theories, physical infrastructure, and nature. Within her work, she attempts to combine oppositional elements and approaches to image making. In a single work, she may reference painterly abstraction, geometric hard-edge abstraction, still life drawing, 3D rendering, Photoshop gradients, highways or her body. Colin's work is rooted in process, both unpredictable and systematic, and the different techniques side by side create ambiguous space. Within current work built up oil paint exists alongside areas of raw stained canvas or graphite drawing. This method allows the viewer to see the various stages of the drawing and painting while creating dynamic interplay of figure and ground. 

She earned her MFA from University of Dallas and obtained her BFA from University of North Texas. She is currently a represented by Beaudry Gallery in Dallas, TX. From 2014-2016, she was a 500X Gallery member, where she exhibited work. Colin was a 2012 recipient of the Kimbrough Fund awarded by the Dallas Museum of Art.